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Strength Training

Strength is the cornerstone for anything in athletes. Strength is your foundation upon which everything else is built and is a key factor in keeping you injury free. The ability to push your opponents aside or resist them from pushing you around is a game changer in sports. Strength directly translates to your ability to produce power and your ability for the most efficient movement patterns possible. If you don't have strong enough muscles, you will be the one pushed around and you're at a much greater risk for injury.

At Excelerate Sport, our athletes are strong. Strength is the first component we work on and we spend a considerable amount of time making sure your body is as strong as it can be. We know that without strength, everything else we do would be greatly compromised and negated. We know how to make your strength training appropriate for your specific sport, position, and gender so you don't bulk up if you don't need to. Come see the Excelerate way and we guarantee you'll see results on and off the field.

Sprint Training

Very few sports don't involve sprinting of some kind. Whether it's on the ground or on a bicycle, sprinting is a major factor in gaining the advantage over your opponents. If you can get to first base, home base, the corner, the outside edge, down-field, up-court, back to your position, or to the finish line faster than anyone else, your job just became incredibly easier.

At Excelerate Sport, our coaches are masters of sprint mechanics for optimized efficiency and power conversion. Very few coaches around the area know how to truly maximize your sprinting performance and you'll be hard-pressed to find one who does it better than the folks at Excelerate Sport.

Speed and Agility Training

Raw speed and the ability to quickly change directions are game changers for any athlete regardless of sport. Whether you're a lineman on the football team or the libero on the volleyball team, speed and agility kills the competition. If you can get there quicker or make the juke to give yourself free space on the court, your opponent doesn't stand a chance against you.

Once the foundation of strength is appropriately created for our Excelerate Sport athletes, we turn our attention to the speed and agility side of sport. We understand the key physiological components behind how muscles and nerves work to develop the most efficient and fastest movement patterns for your sport. If you need to be able to quickly move around an opponent or change direction to stay on course, the coaching staff at Excelerate Sport will help make it possible.

Nutrition Coaching

To perform at your best, you need the proper energy systems firing on all cylinders. To have your body working as efficient as possible, you need to feed yourself appropriately for your specific goals, sport, and position. Without the proper nutrients in your body to fuel your athletic endeavors, you'll be greatly limiting your true abilities and athletic performance.

Our in-house nutrition experts will work with you to optimize your diet for maximum gains as an Excelerate Sport athlete. We know the ins and outs of everything regarding nutrition for sports performance and you will undoubtedly notice the difference in your training and performance. Let the experts at Excelerate Sport give you the advantage with proper nutrition coaching and feel better, be faster, be stronger, and be leaner.