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Excelerate Sport 1-Year Anniversary Blog

January 19, 2017

Author: Alex Harrison

Big things are happening at Excelerate after our first year in business! We at Excelerate have thoroughly enjoyed our first year in business here in Snohomish, WA. And it has been a successful one! We’ve had the pleasure of working one on one with nearly 30 athletes this first year.

We have hired two full time staff to help Michelle and Alex manage the growth and development of all our athletes. We’re always striving to provide the most coaching and the best quality coaching for our athletes. Having Lucas and Dan on staff at Excelerate is a big part of that.

Facility Upgrades!

We’ve now got 10 weightlifting platforms and 3 squat/bench racks where athletes can work on their sport-specific strength, power and speed. And, 5 more full weight sets to go along with it. We’re building additional plyometric boxes for variable height jumping exercises too. The platforms that have been here for a year also got a facelift with some new ¾” cabinet grade plywood for the most uniform lifting surface possible. All of this is happening because attention to these little details is a part of what it takes to make great athletes.

Sprint Track out Back!

Coach Alex has been working hard to complete what he calls the “push track” out behind the building. The deck is complete, the rubber for the running service is ready to be installed, as is the rail system for the push track bobsled. This will be Alex and other bobsled athlete’s training hub for their hopes at making the national team and eventually to become Olympians. It will also double as a fantastic 60m sprint strip for our track athletes to work on block starts and short sprints.

Looking for new athletes every day!

Excelerate is always looking for new athletes. We would love to have you join our crew of athletes who train here with one purpose: to be the best they can be at their sport. And we have quite a few who really are the best! Recently we’ve had an athlete win a state championship, earn a scholarship to play their sport at their university of choice, another get invited to a major tryout for a prestigious select team, and yet another get invited to a national competition. We would love to make you our next project!